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We build decentralized products and provide ​superb blockchain consultancy services.

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We design, build and revamp your software to help ​you surpass business objectives. Оur ​professionals bring your ideas to life – from ​custom software development to migrating business ​systems to the cloud to perfecting UX.

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We develop DeFi & Web3 products.

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Sm​art Contracts

Smart contracts development ​service with a focus on ​delivering high-quality, ​optimized sm​art contracts.

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Extending your team with our ​blockchain engineers is ​quick and cost-effective way ​to adapt and scale.

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DeFi lending and borrowing ​markets allow any user to borrow ​or lend digital assets via ​decentralized protocols governed ​by smart contracts, which ​determine interest rates, ​transaction amounts, repayment ​terms.​


Perpetual protocol is a DeFi ​protocol that services its users ​with a perpetual futures option. ​The users can cross-margin ​various popular tokens with ​various leverage.


We can help you build ​decentralized exchanges, ​staking, lending platforms, ​yield farming solutions, DeFi ​aggregators and DeFi derivative ​projects.

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Based on what I’ve seen from our beta tests, the product is quite ​stable.

Ti​homir Nedev

Their prompt turnaround time, flexibility, and careful attention to ​details are remarkable.​

Jonathan Wuermeling

Their devs have a very deep knowledge in solidity with focus in ​lendi​ng/borrowing and perpetuals

Sabine Haller

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